Using Zoom

For all our Webinars we use the platform Zoom. It is a simple and straight forward platform to use. It can be used on a Laptop, Tablet or a mobile phone.

24-48 hours before your Webinar you will receive an email with your webinar access details. To access the Webinar you have registered for all you need to do is click the link within your email. The webinar will be open 10 minutes before it is due to start.

Once you have clicked the link, if you have Zoom already installed on your device it will load this up for you. If you do not and do not wish to install Zoom, click to cancel any download request that has appeared, and on the web page it will ask you if you wish to use your browser to join the webinar.

Please check your display name, as this will be displayed in the meeting to the Hosts. The other Attendees will not be able to see your name unless you use the Chat and Question function without clicking the anonymous tick box.

You will initially be placed in our waiting room, until our host welcomes everyone into the webinar. We will aim to open the Webinar about 10 minutes before it is due to start. The webinar will be shared to your screen and take up most of your view.

During the webinar your microphone will be muted and your video will be turned off.

As the webinar progresses you will be able to ask questions through the Q&A function at the bottom of the screen. Please remember to tick the anonymous button.

Once the webinar has finished, our host and expert will try to answer as many of the questions given, you will still be able to ask questions at this stage using the Q&A function at the bottom of the screen.

When the Question and Answer session has come to a close and the Host has said goodbye the screen will close and you will be presented with a feedback form. We would appreciate any feedback you may have around the Webinar you attended.